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Red Rock K9 is one of the most powerful and trustworthy among Oklahoma German Shepherd Breeders. We invite you to come experience the "Red Rock K9 Advantage" and hope that we can soon add you to the Red Rock K9 extended family.

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Red Rock K9 is partnered with the most elite and renowned kennels in Europe. Through our breeding program and import services we are able to offer top level German Shepherds with over 50 years combined experience and dedication devoted to the working line German Shepherd Dog.

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Our Protection Trained German Shepherds can go anywhere you go.  Our protection dogs are trained in family environments. You will have the loyalty, love, and devotion of a family German Shepherd with the 24/7 sense of Security knowing that our German Shepherds always have your back!

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Red Rock K9 puppies graduate from the most comprehensive puppy training program in the world. We train 100% of our puppies before going to their new homes and also offer owners continued education classes and our expert training services as your puppy matures.

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“The breeder can indeed lay the foundations of a good and serviceable dog but the trainer must see to it that he brings to their highest possible development, the physical and mental foundations already laid and thus his is the more grateful task.”
Max von Stephanitz, credited founder of the German Shepherd Dog


Abel is moving right along. Once again proving to be a pup that accepts just about anything we can throw at him. Today we were “building” some “firsts” such as the Front Position and behavior such as “Paws Up” for future service work. We also really worked on his ability to go into calm working mode while walking on leash and automatically sitting and waiting for owner’s next move.

I am proud to have started #projectabel very early. I am perhaps more proud to remain a part of it in conglomeration with a dedicated owner (who has done her homework on self training her service dog - not acquiring the dog later in life), alongside two other training venues that are located more conveniently for the owner. I am familiar with one of the other trainers who I am very confident with his abilities. So I invite both training venues and owner to actively use #teamabel hashtag in sharing this amazing pups success.
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3 weeks ago


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Love watching this, Sam


Red Rock K9 puppy, Abel, learned some new skills outside of our normal puppy training program. It’s been a bit difficult keeping this a secret. After meeting Abel’s future owner nearly 3 weeks ago; I was inspired by her story, attitude, and courage. I began finding every bit of extra time in between training the #jennyxjokas litter to work with Abel on skills that I thought would benefit his future as a service dog. Abel began his service training around 6 weeks to 9 weeks old. As seen in the video it’s difficult for me to talk about without a flood of emotions interrupting.

Thank you for trusting us to provide you with your puppy and his early beginnings. We will remain dedicated to helping you in your service dog training journey.

Something I was not able to capture on video was Abel’s remarkable tenacity to not give up on any new object I presented to him. I really thought that when I tossed a heavy ink pen down that he would waiver in his willingness to retrieve it... but even that did not phase him.At the end of his normal training sessions he never wanted to leave the training area, often times, going back to perform a specific task we had been practicing.

#projectabel #abel #teamabel
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2 months ago


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Sam, that is very inspiring & remarkable what you do with Abel & I’m sure with all your other pups too! That’s great what he’ll be able to do to help his owner! Congrats on your successful business! Proud of you guys!

Jeff and I are very proud of you and what you have done with Abel! It makes us even prouder to be a part of the Red Rock family! P.S. Buck says “Hi!”❤️🐾❤️

It is obvious how much you love those puppies and the love and training that you pour into them. You are a good man Sam.

😭Wow! Love your heart! ❤️This is so amazing! I love watching you work with the pups! You are so extremely gifted at what you do! Zeus says hello!

Great job Sam! That was pretty incredible to watch.

I second what Chad said. Thank you so much for the care and love you've poured into Jen and the puppies.

Unbelievable!! What an awesome video!! So proud our GSD came from Red Rock. ❤️

I am so awed by the time you take with these puppies.

This is so awesome !

You Rock, no pun intended. Keep up the good work. It's AWESOME

Amazing work Sam!

Sam, you are awesome!!

Wow this is amazing very inspiring. Keep up the good work!

That is awesome

This is amazing! I love your heart for German Shepherds and people! Blake Chambers


Love the caring and empathy and so does Dargo. ❤️


What an awesome thing!!


Maria Rios when we are ready

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